Our passion is to build the perfect home for you.

There are times in life when important decisions must be made, different directions taken, new roads traveled. At times like these, there is no room for error, no time to wonder “what if?”  Building a new home is a time like this. And JST is the builder for this special time. Why? Because what separates JST from other builders is a respect for our craft that goes far beyond drawing floor plans and driving nails. It is our passion to create the perfect environment for your family to grow, prosper and build cherished memories.  Our passion for craftsmanship means never skimping on materials or cutting corners during the construction process. It means using quality materials and the best construction techniques. The personal attention and involvement of the JST Builders owners ensures that these standards are met in every home we build.  Because JST Builders always goes the extra mile, we have earned a reputation for excellence among not only our customers, but also our peers, our contractors and our suppliers. We measure our success by your satisfaction and peace of mind. Isn’t it time to discover what we can build for you?

The JST Builders Advantage

  • Our Approach To Building Your Home. Every room in your new home, each appointment and feature right down to the finest detail is perfectly applied, like paint to a canvas.
  • We Speak The Right Languages. Building the custom home you’ve been dreaming about can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. If you’re ready to tackle the mechanics of turning a dream into reality. And if you find the right builder, one who communicates as well as he builds. A construction specialist who can speak and understand over a dozen technical languages, including architecture, structural engineering, site development and HVAC systems. Someone you can trust with your dreams as well as your dollars. Someone who will ask all the right questions. And carefully consider every detail in your new home, from the size of the framing lumber to the switch plates on the lights. Custom home building is a partnership. Between you and your builder. Working together to turn rough sketches into working drawings, and raw construction materials into a beautiful new home.
  • Our Leadership And Experience. How do you find a master builder among builders, an artist among mechanics? Right here at JST Builders. John Startt, the company’s owner, has over 30 years of experience in the building industry. Experience that embraces a wide range of projects, from award-winning production home communities, large one-of-a-kind estate homes, and $100 million dollar commercial buildings.
  • In addition to world-class building credentials, we bring something else to the custom building process: a tremendous respect for their customers. We understand and appreciate the life-changing nature of your decision to build a custom home. Their promise to you is simple: To respect your dreams and your budget. To talk to you about every detail in the design and construction process. To be your partner and help you create the perfect living environment for you and your family.
  • A JST Builders Home Is Special. Every new home is handmade, each unique, each a work of art by a master in the craft of custom home building.