To build the best custom home, it’s all about attention to the details.

At JST Builders, we approach the custom home building process with a passion for our craft and a respect for every customer.  The construction of a new custom home is more than a job, it’s a passion. A desire to be the very best at something we love to do. To create one-of-a-kind dream homes for very special people – our customers. Our drive to be the best transcends drawing floor plans and driving nails. It’s a holistic approach to the home building process. We’ll help you:

  • Find the perfect home site.
  • Identify potential lenders.
  • Select an architect or an interior decorator.
  • Keep the construction process predictable, understandable, on schedule and within budget.

At JST, your peace of mind is as important to us as building your home. From our first conversation to the final touch of paint on the finest detail, JST Builders is with you all the way, keeping you involved, excited and in the know. It’s this team approach that ensures the success of your new home. Together, we can turn that first scribble on scrap paper into a wonderful home your family will enjoy for a lifetime.

Five Things to Remember

  1. Make a “Wish List.” Organize the features you want in your new home in three categories:  Must Have (Things you really need like extra bedrooms, walk-in closets, covered front porches, oversized master bath, etc)  •  Wouldn’t It Be Nice (Swimming Pool, Mother-In-Law Suite)  •  No Way (Here you may want to include building and finishing materials you don’t like and architectural styles that don’t appeal to you)  •  Site Plans If you already own your lot, you may want to include things like how the home should be oriented and trees to save).
  2. Keep Your Enjoyment At The Top Of The List. In finalizing your list of features, make sure you don’t eliminate the things that will give you the most enjoyment.
  3. Think Location First. Make sure you find the right location for your new home: in the neighborhood you like, close to the amenities that fit your lifestyle.
  4. The Construction Process. Talk with us and set your standards for involvement in the construction process. Do you really want to be involved in every detail, or do you want regularly scheduled meetings with us to review progress. We’re here to consult with you at every step in the process. However, we’ll always remember that the final decision is yours.
  5. Setting Timetables. We’ll provide you with timetables for final decisions on any specifications not decided upon during the design process. For example, if the color of the carpet was not decided in advance, we’ll set a date for you to make that decision so your new home construction stays on time and within budget.