John and Hayden Constance Testimonial

Having built two other homes over the last 20 years, Hayden and I felt that we knew what to expect when entering into a contractual relationship with a builder. You and Tom Stebbins have forever altered our expectations.

From the first meetings it was clear that you were approaching this project as though you were building your own home. Your suggestions on design, materials, costing alternatives, trim and other details were always presented with a positive outcome in mind and in a very constructive manner. The siting of the house, a features that has already drawn countless compliments, was purely your eye for detail and your vision of what the final outcome would be.

Having done this twice before, Hayden and I (but particularly Hayden) had a vision of what design features, finishes, and details we wanted in this home. You and Tom turned those visions into reality and offered excellent input that accomplished those goals within our budget. I know for a fact that you spent a great deal of time researching alternatives that ensured the most economical way to accomplish upscale results.

When we had the inevitable challenges with excellent, but tightly scheduled subcontractors, we never had a doubt that you and Tom would use your experience and management skills to our ultimate benefit. It was clear to us that on a daily basis it was not just your goal to get the job done, but to get it done in a way that we could both be proud. Those same subcontractors that you pushed to stay on schedule through the wettest summer in Maryland history can’t say enough nice things about your guys. One comment that stood out in particular was, “those guys could build a house for me anytime.” The people that work for you appreciate your attention to quality as well.

Please feel free to use this letter in any way you see fit and tell all of your perspective clients that if they want an attitude adjustment about the building industry, they should write a contract with JST.


John and Hayden Constance

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